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Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’m not going to finish (ever)

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s theme is:

June 26: Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Plan to Finish

In a recent post, I talked about the fact that I don’t DNF books, but (surprisingly) I actually do leave a series if it isn’t working for me. (My logic is flawless, right?) Below are ten series that I’m not going to continue with, either because I feel I’ve outgrown them or  they weren’t very good. (Get ready for some tea.)

Cinder // I enjoyed this book when I read it, but it supposedly drew on East Asian influences and I didn’t get any of that. There was no real rep or diversity, and it felt like the book borrowed names or ideas here or there without really understanding or respecting the culture.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter // I didn’t love the first book in this series, and I’m more interested in reading State of Sorrow, so I’m putting the rest of this series to one side in favour of that.

Across the Nightingale Floor // This was a series that I loved when I was younger, but I’ve moved on from now. I feel that this was a series for my teenage years, and I’m so happy I read the first two books then, but I don’t feel the need to go back to it now.

Caraval // I enjoyed this book when I read it two years ago, but in all honesty, I’ve lost interest since then. There are other books I’m more excited to read, so I want to prioritise those instead and I’m not going to be picking up Legendary or Finale.

Zenith // Unfortunately, I have little interest in finishing this series because I disliked the first book. A lot. The writing style was awful and there were so many grammatical errors and typos that I lost count. The plot was dull (there barely was any plot, if I’m honest) and the characterisation was full of inconsistencies. The authors spent too much time telling us things about the characters, rather than showing us, and when they did show us, the actions didn’t match up with what they were saying. It wasn’t a good book and I won’t be picking up the rest of the series. That’s the tea.

Everless // Again, I just didn’t find this well written and the characters were pretty dull. The world building wasn’t bad, but there just wasn’t anything really original that made it stand out in the genre.

A Shiver of Snow and Sky // I loved the premise for this book, but I found it poorly executed. The writing style was too simple and, at times, full of mistakes, and the world-building seemed intriguing, but turned out to be one-dimensional. The main setup was world where the colour of the sky dictates future events, but it didn’t go into any more depth than that, and I was left feeling that so much more could have been done with that idea.

The Lightning Thief // I actually loved the first book in this series (it made me laugh out loud so much) and I enjoyed the second and third, but it’s been a while since I read the third book, and I have so many other series that I’m more interested in reading now, so I won’t be continuing with it.

The Foxhole Court // (TW for rape) I found the first book in this series pretty problematic in terms of the discussion of drugs, abuse, and medication, which was (at times) romanticised, but the sequel was far worse. There’s a scene in the sequel where a character is abused and raped and it’s never addressed or dealt with afterwards. There’s no discussion of closure around the issue, instead it just gets brushed under the rug and the character is institutionalised (if I remember correctly). So after that dumpster fire, I don’t want to read any more of these books.

City of Bones // I loved this when I was a teen and first discovered it, but I never read City of Heavenly Fire, and I feel that I’ve outgrown the books now. I’d like to read Lady Midnight, but I’m not sure I can until I’ve finished the last book in this series, and I just don’t have the desire to do that. There are other books I’m much more keen to read, and I think I’ll pick up those instead.

Which series are you not going to finish? Are there any series you’ve come back to and finished after a long time away?

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23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’m not going to finish (ever)

  1. So ridiculously happy that I’ve found somehow who feels the same way about Everless! It’s like everyone read a different book than me 😶. Didn’t care for Zenith either. Love your list!

    1. Aww yessss someone else who thought it wasn’t that good! I’ve honestly been wondering what other people see it in, BUT I do respect people that enjoyed it and think it’s great that we all like different books, otherwise life would be pretty boring! Thanks so much Sasha 🙂

  2. I never read the last 2 books of mortal instruments either… I read their summaries and continued with Lady Midnight 😊😊😊
    I’ve not read any others on this list either….

    1. I think I was about 15 or 16 when I read most of the books and I really liked them then, but I think if I was reading them now, I wouldn’t, which is part of why I don’t want to read City of Heavenly Fire. I’ll be sure to check your TTT out!

  3. Lovely choices! 🙂 I have read City of Bones and I remember enjoying it, but I completely forgot everything that’s happened by now, and I have no interest in continuing on, either. I thought I’d give up on the Caraval series as well, but I have seen so many good reviews about Legendary, I might reconsider, haha, I’m still a bit curious 🙂

  4. Honestly, I feel like the Shadowhunter world has exhausted itself with all these spin-offs within the world. I’m all for a spin-off, but at some point, it’s best to say goodbye. I am so sad to hear that about The Foxhole Court. I had considered reading the series, but how can it not explore the ramifications of such an act. That’s so disappointing. I’ll be sure to pass on that one.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean! It doesn’t help that the films and TV shows they keep making are pretty terrible 😛 I think I’ll give Lady Midnight a go at some point, but I have other books I’m far more excited about at the moment. Yeah, the first book was readable, but the second book really wasn’t great. The way it dealt with the issues I mentioned was so damaging and dehumanising, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. Running With Lions is a much more positive sports romance (although I didn’t love the writing 😉 ).

  5. Nice blogpost! It’s very interesting to read about your choices to not finish series. I am not going to continue the Red Queen series, the Flame int he Mist series and the ACOTAR series, I did not like them enough.

    1. Thanks my lovely! I’ve yet to read Red Queen, but I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews, so I’m worried I’ll not want to continue with it it I pick it up and don’t enjoy it. I finished ACOTAR, but I thought ACOMAF was the only really good book out of the three, and the other two were kind of mediocre. 😛

  6. The Cinder series is one of my faves, but I can understand stopping at book one. I had to stop with the Shadowhunters too. I started the series in 2011 and wanted to read them in publication order so I read the first 3 books, all of the Clockwork series and then City of Fallen Angels but then I took a break and now there are a floppityjillion books in that series. It seems too daunting to catch up

    1. I’m glad you like the Cinder series, unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me! Hahaha floffityjillion might be the best description I’ve ever heard! I’m going to start using that from now on. 😀 But yes, there’s a lot of books and spinoffs in that series, and I’m thinking of just reading a summary of City of Heavenly Fire and moving straight on to Lady Midnight at some point.

  7. Great post! I’ve tried reading Cinder a while back but I put it down because I didn’t really feel like reading a science fiction novel at the time. Should I continue; did you like the first book enough to recommend it to others? A series I didn’t finish is the Matched trilogy. I read the first book and enjoyed it but the second book was a bit slow and I didn’t finish the third book. But the first book was great! Also, I just discovered your blog and I’m so glad! 🙂

    1. Thanks my lovely! Honestly, Cinder was OK, but I didn’t like it enough to continue with the rest of the series, so I don’t think I can recommend it! I’ve know a lot of people who enjoyed the series, but for me it just wasn’t exciting or unique enough. I’ve never read the Matched trilogy, but I don’t think it’d be for me, as I ready a lot of dystopian novels when I was a teenager, so I’m not going to pick it up. Aww thanks so much Sissi, that’s really sweet! I hope you enjoy more of my posts, and I’ll have to come check yours out 🙂

  8. Mine would have to be the Marked series by the Cast mother and daughter team. It creeped me out that within an early chapter that there was a description of oral sex.
    I stuck with it, despite this, for quite a few books because my ex bff would keep palming them off on me with the words ‘these are amazing’ and I thought there was something i was missing.
    I really don’t think there was.

    1. Oh wow, that sounds pretty graphic. It’s not a series that I’ve ever really been interested in reading because the premise never grabbed me, but I definitely don’t think I’ll read it after heading you say that. Better to quit while you’re ahead than try to continue wading through it when you’re not enjoying it!

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