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My Most Anticipated Spring Releases

The sun is out this weekend and there are finally signs of spring in the air. I saw TWO ladybirds today, got attacked by a bee, and went outside with only one jumper on (and a coat on top, let’s not get beside ourselves). It also reached 12C (53F for my American pals) in the last few days, which is a big deal since it was snowing last weekend. With these signs of the changing seasons, I wanted to share some of the books being released in spring that I can’t wait for.

I Was Born For This

I’ve not read any Alice Oseman yet (a crime, I know), but I was accepted for a Netgalley ARC of I Was Born For This and am currently making my way through it (albeit slowly because I can only read it on my laptop). So far, so cute, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I Was Born For This is about two teens, Angel and Jimmy, who are thrown together through their common interest in a boyband, The Ark.
Release Date: May 3rd 2018


I read Sandiya Menon’s debut novel, When Dimple Met Rishi, last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I have high hopes for her second book. From Twinkle With Love is about a young budding filmmaker who gets approached to direct a film for a summer festival.
Release Date: May 22nd 2018


I’ve seen people receiving proof boxes with Furyborn in, and I’m SO ready for this book. The story follows Queen Rielle and bounty hunter Eliana whose lives intersect over thousands of years when Eliana’s mother goes missing.
Release Date: May 22nd 2018

Ace of Shades

Ace of Shades is giving me some serious Six of Crows con vibes and I’m here for them. This is Amanda Foody’s second novel, about a young girl Enna, who must leave her finishing school behind and venture into the City of Sin when her mother goes missing.
Release Date: May 17th 2018

Tyler Johnson was here

I’ve followed Jay Coles on Twitter for a long while, so I’m very excited for his debut novel. Tyler Johnson Was Here follows Marvin Johnson’s fight for justice, after his twin brother Tyler is shot dead by the police.
Release Date: March 20th 2018

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Starfish from InkRoad (thanks guys!) and it was already one of my most anticipated releases of the year, so I’m including it on this list even though I’ve already read it. Starfish is about Kiko, a Japanese-American aspiring artist with social anxiety, who has to re-plan her future and take new chances when she doesn’t get into Prism art school.
Release Date: April 5th 2018

Which releases you excited for during Easter? Have you read any of these six yet?

Until next time

25 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Spring Releases

    1. Hahah I’m glad I could make you laugh! Yeah, it’s definitely a UK thing to to still be wearing a coat in March/April/May and not even be surprised by it. I’m just hoping that this sunshine lasts for the next few weeks now! 🙂

  1. So excited for all of these! I have an arc of Furyborn and I’m hoping to get to it soon, I’m really intrigued by the premise of the story.

    I haven’t read any of Alice Oseman’s books either, but I’m looking forward to it. Radio Silence has been on my tbr for the longest time.

    1. Yeah, Furyborn sounds great! I don’t have an ARC of it, so I’ll probably buy it when it gets released. 🙂 Radio Silence has been on my TBR and my shelf for ages, and yet somehow I’ve still ended up reading I Was Born For This first!

  2. Aah I am so ready for spring!! I am also really looking forward to read: I Was Born for This, From Twinkle, With Love, Ace of Shades, Tyler Johnson Was Here & Starfish! Another book I’m really excited about is Leah on the Offbeat. ❤

  3. I am so excited for Ace of Shades!!! Also I haven’t been around for a while and I just saw your new header and I am actually in love with it!!

  4. I love this post! I’m currently reading Ace of Shades and I highly recommend it. I didn’t like Six of Crows (unpopular opinion, I know) but I like Ace of Shades and I can definitely see what you mean that they give off the same vibes!

    1. Thank you so much! Aww that’s so exciting, glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Is it a 3/4/5 star read so far? It’s a shame you didn’t like Six of Crows, but it’s not for everyone, and I certainly wouldn’t judge you on it. But I’m happy you see the parallel I was trying to draw 😉

        1. Oooh excellent! I might have to pre-order it soon then if it’s that good 🙂 Aww really? That’s just unnecessary and unkind. People are always going to like different books and just because you don’t like one that they do, I don’t see why they should take it as a personal affront. I hope you ignored them 😉

    1. Thank you so much my lovely! I had a lot of fun writing it, as thinking about all the books I’m looking forward to just makes me more excited to read them. Yeah, me too. I just want warm weather and sunshine for the next 8 months! (Or just forever if that’d be possible?!)

  5. I can’t wait for all of these! I’m supposed to dive into my DRCs of Ace of Shades and Furyborn this week so I CANNOT WAIT THE ANTICIPATION GAH

  6. Ahhh I can’t believe you haven’t read anything by Alice Oseman just yet – I hope you’ll love that one. I have been loving all of her books so far and I am currently reading I Was Born For This as well and loving it so, so much. YAY for Starfish as well! I can’t WAIT to read that one 🙂 Happy reading, Kate 😀 x

    1. I know Marie! I’m kicking myself over here for not having read any of her work sooner, because I really like I Was Born For This so far. For Starfish, I should have mentioned a TW for sexual abuse. It’s not graphic, but I’ll be including the TW on my review because I think people should be aware. But, aside from that, it’s a really uplifting read, and the representation of social anxiety is so insightful. Thanks Marie! ❤

  7. Oh Ace of Shades is high on my list right now! I really enjoyed Amanda Foody’s first release so I can’t wait to get my hands on her second (also I didn’t make the connection but the fact that you’d said it gives you major Six of Crows vibes is actually making me even more excited for it as well).
    From Twinkle With Love is another release high on my TBR list, and I really hope you enjoy Furyborn as well Kate. I managed to get an ARC and thought it was a really good book, definitely full of action, adventure and amazing female protagonists!
    Great post, and I hope you enjoy all these books once they’re released as well. 🙂 ❤

    1. The more I read the blurb for Ace of Shades, the more excited I get to be honest! Yeah, I definitely get a bit of a Six of Crows feel, although I’m sure it’s going to be completely different. Glad to hear you enjoyed Furyborn – you’re so lucky to have been sent an ARC! It sounds like the kind of thing I’d love, so I might try and request it on Netgalley if it becomes available. Thanks Beth! ❤

      1. Oh it’s sure to be different, but there’s something about books that are compared to favourite series of mine that I just can’t resist! 🙂
        In that case I hope it’s on NetGalley soon for you Kate! 🙂 ❤️

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one to be excited for I Was Born for This despite not reading any other books by Alice Oseman…but it sounds so good and Twitter has sold it to me!

    1. Hehe yes! I’ve been meaning to pick up her books for a while, as I actually have Radio Silence sitting on my shelf(!), but I just haven’t got to them yet. That was, until my friend encouraged me to request I Was Born For This on Netgalley, and I got accepted for the ARC. I’m enjoying it so far!

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