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September Wrap Up (The month where I fell in love with Check, Please!)

September 2017 Wrap Up

As September comes to a close and the weather gets increasingly wet and windy (excuse me, where was my final mini-heatwave of the summer??), I’m pulling my fluffy jumpers out of the wardrobe and looking back at the books I read this month.

Books cover

I’d planned to read a lot of ARCs during September, and, somehow, I actually managed it. The books originally on my TBR were:

Check, Please! Year One
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
The Last Magician
A Shiver of Snow and Sky
Things A Bright Girl Can Do

And the books I actually read were:

I read 5/7 of the books I’d planned and managed to get to all the ARCs I’d planned. I, for one, am shocked. I enjoyed Check, Please! so much that I had to carry on with the second series, and I’ll be starting the third ASAP. I’m disappointed I didn’t manage to get to The Gentleman’s Guide, again, but I know it’s because I haven’t had much time for ebooks this month, and I don’t have a physical copy. Hopefully October will be the month where I finally pick it up.


Check, Please! Year One  4-stars
Check, Please! Year Two  4-stars
Invictus  4-stars
A Shiver of Snow and Sky  2,5
Stranger  3-stars
Things A Bright Girl Can Do  3-5-stars


Books That Have Changed Our Lives: Part I
Books That Have Changed Our Lives: Part II
I asked my Twitter followers which books had changed their lives, and got so many amazing responses, that I had to split the post into two parts to share them all.

Series I’m Not Going To Finish
I wrote about the series that I’m just not going to finish. Sorry, not sorry.

TBR Unhaul: Books I’ve Recently Removed From My Goodreads TBR
I actually UNHAULED some books from my TBR??? What a rarity.

Blogger Recognition Award
I was nominated by the lovely Jasmine @ReadingWithJax for the Blogger Recognition Award, and in term nominated some excellent bloggers.

General Life Updates

Where did this month even go? It seems to have passed far more quickly than any other. I had a pretty quiet month because I’m gearing up to go to Sweden in October, so I’ve mostly been chilling out and saving up.

  • My boyfriend and I went on a daytrip and had fun shopping and I took him to this great little vegan cafe, which he really loved.
  • My parents went on holiday this month, so I had the house to myself. Naturally, I  listened to very loud music and stayed up late watching a tonne of k-drama episodes. (Nobody can ever accuse me of not knowing how to ‘party hard’.)
  • I started planning some potential novel ideas and got very excited about them on Twitter. Even though I don’t know if they’ll go anywhere and may end up scrapping them.
  • I baked a lot this month, and perfected a couple of new vegan recipes.

How was your month? What books did you read and what did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments?

Until next time, Kate

10 thoughts on “September Wrap Up (The month where I fell in love with Check, Please!)

  1. I loved Check, Please! when I read it last year, but I never stayed on top of the updates because they happened so infrequently – now that you’ve mentioned it I’m going to have to read it again!

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