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August Wrap Up 2017 (Aka the month I *almost* read all the books I’d planned to)


August wrap up final

Although August was a washout in terms of weather, I had a good reading month and went on a few fun trips.

Books cover

I managed to read 6 books this month, which I’m pleased with considering I had a few weekends away visiting friends.

These were the books I planned to read:

Aaaaand these were the books I actually read:

GUYS LOOK. I read ALL of the books I planned to except for one; I can’t believe I actually stuck to my TBR. I brought five of these six books back from YALC and actually kept my promise of reading some YALC ARCs this month. The only reason I read Moxie rather than The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is because my ARC of Moxie is a paperback but my GGTVV is an e-book, and it’s much easier for me to take physical books on my commute. Hopefully I’ll finally read GGTVV this month.



But I haven’t reviewed it yet because I’m still not over it. (True story.)

Ratings and Reviews

A Conjuring of Light  5-stars-new

Daughter of the Burning City  4-stars

The Arsonist  4-5-stars

Monstress  4-stars

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe  4-stars

Moxie  4-stars


The Rise of the Duology: The Good, The Bad and… (oh wait that’s it, it’s a two-part series)
This month I wrote about duologies and how they seem to be growing in popularity.

The Social Media Tag
I wanted to highlight about some wonderful bloggers that you should all definitely go and check out!

Top Ten Tuesday: LGBTQIA+ books all high school libraries should stock
I don’t remember coming across many LGBTQIA+ books in my high school library, so I discussed a few that I think should definitely be put on shelves.

General Life Updates

  • For the bank holiday I went to Devon and visited a friend who I haven’t seen for ages, and it was such a fun weekend.
  • I went to Boston Tea Party for the first time (it’s a UK limited restaurant chain, which I’d now highly recommend) and had some amazing vegan brown rice porridge. Seriously, it tasted out of this world.
  • I met up with my boyfriend in Birmingham and spent the weekend chilling.
  • finally bought some new running shoes (which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’ve been meaning to get some for 3 months) and they’re so comfortable and bouncy.
  • I watched The Defenders on Netflix, and it. was. lit. It’s one of the best series I’ve been in a long time and I really hope they make more.

What did you read during August? Have you read any of the books I mentioned above and did you get up to anything fun? Let me know!

Until next time, Kate

18 thoughts on “August Wrap Up 2017 (Aka the month I *almost* read all the books I’d planned to)

    1. Aww thank you so much! Yeah, it was a great reading month for me in terms of written quality and content. None of the books I read were rated below 4 stars, because they were all genuinely pretty good! Haha thanks, I like adding it on to the end just to let people know what I’ve been doing – especially if I’ve been watching any fun new anime or TV shows that I want to gush about!

  1. I felt the same way over A Conjuring of Light. I finally read it a couple of months ago and it was fabulous. I can’t believe I put it off for so long.

      1. Me too. I don’t know if I can say it is the best book but it’s certainly one of my favourite ever sequels.

  2. You had a fab reading month, Kate! I’m currently debating Daughter of the Burning City for my next read as it releases this week, so I’m glad to see you enjoyed it. Is it quite a quick read?
    ACOL is LIFE. That’s all I have to say!

    1. Aww thanks Kelly! Yeah, it’s a pretty quick read, as the pacing is quick. I’m debating whether to drop my rating to 3.5 or keep it at 4 when I review; it was really good, but I’ve read other books since then that I’ve rated 4 stars and I felt were better, so I can’t decide what to do! ACOL IS EVERYTHING AND I’M CHANGED FOREVER. ❤

      1. I have 100% decided it is my next read, otherwise I’ll spend hours deciding and I need something to start on the train tomorrow. I’m all about a circus theme so we shall see.

        1. Ah awesome, let me know what you think! Would love to DM you on twitter about a couple of things! I’M SO EXCITED, I ACTUALLY GOT REALLY TEARY WHEN I FOUND OUT, LIKE THE EMOTIONAL BEAVER I AM. It’s absolutely wonderful news, pretty much made my week!

  3. Very happy to see A Conjuring of Light in this list. How EPIC is it that we’re getting more books in this world. I almost didn’t believe it but it’s happening!! HOW EXCITING IS THIS!
    It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful month and hopefully September will be just as lovely. 😀

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