The Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine blogger

Thank you to the lovely Lizzie @StellarKittenBookReviews for nominating me! She writes great reviews so definitely go and check her out!

Quick warning: this post contains a major spoiler for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, so if you haven’t read it please skip #7 of this post. Questions 1-6 and 8-11 contain no spoilers, but question 7 does so please only read it if you’ve read the book (or aren’t going to read it/don’t mind being spoiled).

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

How Does It Work:

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

Lizzie’s Questions:

1.  What was your first post or book review? 
Oh my. I’ve only been blogging for a year but I literally had to scale through my archives because I couldn’t remember my first review.

Turns out it was We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. (Don’t read it.) It’s so different (read: so bad) in comparison to my reviews now, but it’s interesting to see how my style/formatting choices have completely changed.

2. What are some of your hobbies (besides reading)? 
It’s already a given, but I blog on here, which is one of my favourite things to do in my free time. I run almost ever day if I can and go to zumba classes and a weekly circuit class. I’m also going to join a spin class in the next few weeks. Basically I love sport (sorry, not sorry). I write poetry and stories (not nearly as much as I should) and I’m trying to learn Japanese (although I’d been quite lax with this since I came back from Japan). I also love watching anime and k-dramas.

3. If you could meet one famous person, who would it be? 
V. E. Schwab of course. I mean, I already met her at YALC last year and will hopefully be meeting her again this year, but I’ve love to go for coffee with her or spend a day with her; she’s such a fascinating person.

4. If you could only watch one TV Show/Movie for the rest of the year, what would it be? 
Kimi no na wa, or Your Name, the Japanese animated film I watched all the way back in January. It’s incredibly moving and beautiful, and it just struck a chord with something deep inside me.

I’m going to need like 500 packs of tissues though if that’s the only thing I’m watching until 2018.

5. If you could have/buy/get any three books right now, what would they be?
Oh my god oh my god. Way to put a girl on the spot. Ummm:
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee
An Enchantment of Ravens
by Margaret Rogerson
 by V. E. Schwab

6. What is your favorite mythical creature? 
It’s a tie between dragon and unicorn. Anyway, what do you mean mythical? They’re real, right.

7. If you could save any character from a book from dying, who would you save?












Are they gone?






I was actually going to give a completely different answer to this question, but since the book it relates to has only just come out, I felt it was almost too spoilery. 

So my answer instead is Hans Hubermann from The Book Thief. His death was so poignant and bittersweet, and I just wish he could have survived to watch Liesel grow up. His kindness and wisdom made him such a lovable character (possibly one of my favourites ever) and I was devastated when he died.

My heart physically hurt.


















8. What kind of music do you like to listen to? 

J-pop, K-pop, Epic rock, Epic classical, 80s synthpop, film soundtracks, and a bit of chart music.

A few examples are: Girls Generation, BTS, Garnidelia, Lisa, Radwimps, Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, The Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, the entire Mulan and Wonderwoman soundtracks, Haim, Lorde, Sia, and Pendulum.

9. What’s your favorite junk food/snack?
I’m vegan so this is a bit of a tough one for me, but probably peanut butter? I love that stuff.

10. Do you have a favorite blogger we should all check out? 
Oooh this is a hard question! There are so many bloggers I love, so I’ll just list a few:

Hollie @Hollieblog

Grace @AlmostAmazingGrace

Cait @PaperFury

Aentee @ReadAtMidnight

Jeann, Aila, and Jenna @HappyIndulgence

Gretchen @ChicNerdReads

Beth @ReadingEveryNight

These ladies are original, creative, and innovative. They inspire me every time they post something new. Their content is fresh and exciting, so definitely go and check them out.

11. What is a book you would not recommend? Worst book ever, and you should stay away.

The Blazing Star. I was drawn in by the cover porn when I read it last year and it was a big mistake. The book was just so poorly written and the characters were either dislikeable, annoying, or bland. I’m sure some people will enjoy it, but it just wasn’t for me.

My nominees:

Holly @NutFreeNerd

Philippa @TheLittleBookOwl

Joanne @InCaseOfBookishness

Natalia @ACourtofTales

Lois @MyMidnightMusing

Anna @MyBookishDream

Beth @ReadingEveryNight

Jacqui @RattleTheStars

Anna @ReaderAndProud

And anyone else who thinks it’ll be fun and wants to do it!

My questions:

1. What first attracted you to blogging?
2. Where do you buy most of your books from?
3. Which author do you find most inspiring?
4. If you could learn any language at the drop of a hat, which one would you choose?
5. What would be your ideal magical power?
6. If you insert yourself into any book which would it be?
7. What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year?
8. If you have a pet (and are willing) please post a photo of them so we can all weep at their cuteness. If not, feel free to pick a fun alternative photo.
9. Which Harry Potter House are you in? (Asking the important questions.)
10. Where’s your favourite place to read?
11. And finally, if you could have free tickets to any book expo or convention in the world, which would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, Kate

24 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so much for nominating me!! ❤ Also, zumba is so fun!! Sometimes they have zumba nights at my college and they're the best 🙂

  2. Ahaha like you I count learning Japanese (or any other languages) as a hobby because I find it such fun. I also stopped after I visited Japan — should pick it up again soon because I would love to know more.

    I am in 100% agreement with your The Book Thief spoilers 😭

    Thank you so much for naming me as one of your favourite bloggers. I am NOT WORTHY but I love you! ♥️

    1. I can’t believe we both stopped Japanese after visiting the country – perhaps we should motivate each other on twitter to carry on! Also I didn’t know you’d visited Japan! Where abouts did you go? 🙂

      Yes, The Book Thief = heartbreak.

      You are 400% worthy and will forever remain one of my faves for all your fun posts and honest reviews. Also, I LOVE your new blog layout! I’ve been meaning to say this to you on Twitter, but kept forgetting! The colours look fantastic and I adore the header!
      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. Aww I’m so honoured to be on your list of favourite bloggers! YOU’RE SO KIND.💕💕

    1. You’re more than welcome my lovely! I fall in love with the colour palettes of your photos every time I see them, and your posts probably make me laugh the most out of any that I read! (So relatable!)
      Thanks for dropping me a comment! ❤

  4. omggg i can’t believe i’m a favorite blogger! that means so much to me!! AND YOU WRITE POETRY?!?!?! OMGOMGOMG!!!!! do you ever post some of your writing here? I would love to read it.

    Schwab is such a sweetheart! I met her at Comic Con last year and bumped into her at BookCon this year. You so need to get Vicious, it’s AMAZING! I also want to have The Gentleman’s Guide. It’s getting soooo much love and hype, I NEED IT!

    Also, peanut butter is delicious!

    1. Of course you are! I love reading your poetry and you often capture feelings that I shared about a book in your reviews.

      And yes, I dabble although I’ve not really posted any on here because I don’t know if it’s that good, and I’m also not sure how copyright works over wordpress Once it’s in the public domain do you still retain creative ownership?

      Yes, she’s amazing! Ooh that’s so exciting! I love reading about people’s experiences of BookCon, it sounds so vibrant! Yes. I 100% need to get to Vicious. ASAP. It sounds like something I’d adore. And in the time since I posted this, I actually got an e-book copy of The Gentleman’s Guide! So I can start reading it soon!

      Also believe it or not, I’m actually eating peanut butter while I type this! ❤

      1. Thank you, Kate! And you still retain creative ownership because although it’s public, it’s still yours.

        Yay to e-book version of The Gentleman’s Guide! I hope you like it!

  5. Hello! I am just starting to read through your blog – you have so many interesting posts! I just thought I’d mention, in relation to Q9…if you’re looking for vegan junk food ideas (and I apologise now for tempting you to the dark side!), Vego chocolate bar is THE BEST THING EVER!! I recently discovered it and I think I now solely fund the company! It is delicious. Try it and let me know what you think!!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! Aww thank you, that’s really kind of you to say! Ooh thanks for the suggestion, I’m always on the hunt for more vegan chocolate as I currently have a few favourites but am always open to trying new things. I’ve never had Vego before (but I have heard of it) so I’ll have to see if I can get some. There’s a great vegan shop near where I work so maybe I’ll be able to get some in there. Thanks for the suggestion! 😀

          1. It is hazelnut chocolate. The bars have whole hazelnuts in them, and then there are bags with individually wrapped choc, which is slightly different chocolate I think, with no nuts. 😊 So yum!!

  6. Great answers for this tag Kate. Also thanks so much for tagging me and so so much for featuring me as one of your favourite bloggers. It means a lot to see my name (and my blog’s name) on that list. 🙂
    I definitely agree with your answer for question seven. That death was so heartbreaking and oh I would have loved to change it, but at the same time I think it would lessen the emotional impact the book has on me and I guess I love The Book Thief too much to want to change anything about it. V.E. Schwab is one famous person I want to meet too, and hopefully we both will again at YALC this year! 😀
    Again thanks for the tag Kate. ❤

    1. You’re more than welcome Beth! Just wanted to spread a little blogging love, and yours is always one of the first I like to check out when I log into wordpress. Yeah, that death really had me choked up, but I know exactly what you mean about it lessening the emotional impact of the book’s final chapters. I REALLY hope you get to meet V, as she’s so inspiring and amazing to talk to! 🙂

      1. That really is great to hear, thanks so so much Kate! 😀
        I cried reading that book, that’s how emotional it made me and I thought those last few chapters were perfect, just wonderfully written and pulled together like the whole book really.
        Ha, same here! 😀

  7. Meeting V. E. Schwab would be seriously amazing! She seems like such an amazing person and I would love to chat with her.
    I really want to get my hands on The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! I have heard so many amazing things about it and I can’t wait to read it. Vicious is simply amazing! I hope you can get it soon. 😀
    Thank you for nominating me! ❤

    1. I loved meeting her last year so I CAN’T WAIT to queue for her signing table again this year. I hope you get to in the future too!

      Yes, it’s one of the most popular books of the moment, it seems! Since I wrote and posted this tag I actually managed to get an e-book edition of it, so I’m hoping to start it soon!
      You’re welcome, hope you have fun with it! ❤

  8. Meeting V. E. Schwab is on the bucket list. I’m still kicking myself for not going to YALC this year but the expenses of traveling and accommodation would probably kill my bank account for that weekend alone.
    I’ve slowly been getting into sports more these day but I prefer being outdoors on a long walk/jog or at home work outs.
    I definitely agree with the *spoiler’s* death. Out of everyone I wish he survived because the connection he had with Liesel was so special.
    Thank for the tag. 😀

    1. Aww that’s fair enough, it can be quite expensive if you add it all up – especially when you consider the amount of books most people buy! If you get the chance to go in the future though I’d definitely recommend! And V is wonderful, I hope you get to meet her in the future! Yeah, that death was so sad! No problem, hope you have fun with it! 😀

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