Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Rainbow Covers

Hey guys,

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish, and this week’s theme is:

May 2: Cover Theme Freebie: literally anyyyything about covers….top ten covers that scream Spring, ten books with ice cream on the cover, ten books with blue covers, etc. etc. THIS ONE COULD BE REALLY FUN and I can’t wait to see how creative your lists are!

Don’t judge me, but my brain literally lit up when I read the theme for this week and screamed RAINBOW COVERS! Because I’m basic and rainbows (natural or crafted) give in an inordinate amount of happiness. Seriously. If you ever want to make me buy your book, but some form of rainbow on it. Guaranteed to work 400% of the time.

So here are my top ten rainbow-themed covers! (I haven’t read all of them, but I have gazed longingly at all of them.)

So much colour! And a lot of them are LGBTQIA+ too, so even more reason to love them.

What are you top ten cover picks for this week? Do you agree that I’m being incredibly basic by choosing rainbow covers, or would you choose them too? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Kate

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Rainbow Covers

  1. I’ll Give you the Sun ❤ I will never not love that book and the rainbow book cover is definitely a plus haha. All the books look so vibrant and colourful.

  2. What a unique book cover theme idea! I absolutely adore it! I went with beautiful skies this time around, but I would love to do a book tag involving rainbow coloured book covers 🙂

  3. What a fun topic, I love that idea 🙂 I need to read You’re Welcome, Universe, I’m so intrigued! I’m also very curious about Furthermore and I’ll Give You the Sun, have you read any of those three?
    And I also stare longingly at a lot of books, I feel you hahahaha
    I just realized I wasn’t following you😱 That’s fixed now though.

    1. Haha thanks! I thought I was just being a bit silly by choosing it, but everyone’s said they like it! I haven’t read Furthermore or I’ll Give you The Sun yet, but I’ve heard good things about both. And, annoyingly, I had an ARC of You’re Welcome Universe, but it expired before I could read it! *cries* Haha staring at books is a great past-time! Aww thanks Anna! 😀

      1. Plus you had such a variety of books! I like reading MG and Tahereh Mafi is a great writer so it should be interesting. And I’ve heard very positive things about I’ll Give you the Sun too!
        OMG, that must have been awful 😦 And so annoying! That’s why I don’t request eARCS, I know that will happen to me. I hope you can read it soon

        1. Aww thanks. I’ve not read any Tahereh yet, but I think I’d enjoy Furthermore. Yeah it was so annoying! But it was also my own fault, so I have nobody to blame but myself 😛 It’s taught me a valuable lesson about making sure to download e-arcs on time though! My copy of When Dimple Met Rishi is an e-arc, so I made sure to add that to my library before it expired!

          1. I’ve only read Shatter Me, the first book, but I really enjoyed it 🙂 They sound very different though.
            Oooooh, I thought it expired even though you downloaded it, imagine how long I’m talking about. Maybe I will try it then, but I doubt I get approved for any hahahah

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