Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Villains

(*warning* Number 10 on this list contains spoilers for the Bleach manga.)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish, and this weeks theme is villains:

‘All About The Villains — I don’t think we’ve done a villains topic since back in November 2010 so let’s revisit: top ten favorite/most compelling villains in books, top ten of the most vile villains/bad guys in books, top ten villains I secretly (or not so secretly) love, favorite tv villains, favorite comic book villains, ten “villains” of contemporary lit.’

Sometimes when I’m read a book, I find myself thinking that the villain is under-developed, or too insipid, or just isn’t dark enough to pose a threat to the light of the protagonist. So for this week, I decided to go for my top ten villains that were malevolent enough to make me truly fear for the protagonists’ lives.

1. The Dane Twins from A Darker Shade of Magic


Astrid and Athos Dane from V. E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic series (as well as having fantastic names) were cruel, twisted and enjoyed tormenting people with their power. Their hunger for magic and ruthlessness had me seriously fearing for Kell and Lila’s lives for most of the first book.

2. Erawan from Throne of Glass


Erawan’s relentless desire to destroy Terrasen and his overwhelming power makes me genuinely fear for all my babies in the TOG series. I’m reading Empire of Storms right now and if anyone I love dies I am going to exit the stratosphere.

3. Smaug from The Hobbit


Smaug is a fire-breathing dragon, who’s been alive for eons and is about 86 times bigger than Bilbo and the dwarves. I don’t think I really need to say more.

4. Voldemort from Harry Potter


Perhaps the most villainous villain of all villains. Voldemort redefined what it means to be an antagonist, and at times when I was reading the series it felt like no-one was safe.

5. King Leck from Graceling


When I read Graceling, I remember feeling so helpless for Katsa and Po in the face of King Leck; his mental powers were so inescapable that it seemed the two protagonists would never escape him.

6. Prince Geoffrey from A Game of Thrones


Geoffrey is one of the most loathesome characters I’ve ever come across in a series, and his treatment of those around him (especially women) is just awful. There are moments, however, when karma comes to collect its dues, and boy did I enjoy those.

7. The High Lord from The Magician’s Guild


In the first book of the Magician’s Guild series, the High Lord is an incredibly cunning character, whose magical abilities are unparalleled. His ability to always be on step ahead made me fear for Sonea, her mentors and her friends.

8.  The Confessor from The Fire Sermon


The Confessor’s abilities mean she is able to see across long distances and anticipate the thoughts and actions of the main character, Cass, giving her a somewhat omnipotent air. Cass feels as though she’ll never be free from the Confessor’s constant gaze, giving us as readers the same feeling of entrapment.

9. Angra from Snow Like Ashes


Angra is the King of Spring, and the extent of his power seems so overwhelming in comparison to those of our heroes, that I spent a good half of the novel in silent prayer that my babies wouldn’t die.

10. Aizen from Bleach


I couldn’t compete this list without mentioning one of the main villains from the Bleach manga and anime. As a captain-turned-villain, Aizen is arguably the most (or second most) powerful character in the Bleach universe, and during the winter war arc he certainly proves this as he cuts down numerous protagonists (my poor children). His casual arrogance and expanse of raw power make him one of the most potent villains I’ve ever come across in any manga series.

So that’s it for this week’s TTT! Let me know if you guys agree/disagree with anyone on this list and link me to your own TTTs so I can check them out!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Villains

  1. #1 takes the cake, cuz those siblings are terrible!!! which reminds me, I replay need to get to AGOS. LOL at SMAUG, although i’ve never read the books, the visual alone has me fearing for Bilbo & crew. I used to watch Bleach so many years ago! is it still running? *Gasp*

    1. They really are! They’re the definition of venomous 😛 Haha yeah I did put in Smaug as a bit of a humorous choice, but in all seriousness he did make me worry that Bilbo was going to get incinerated! The anime finished a year or two ago, but the manga has just finished this summer 😥 I’m not up to date with it, so I have a bit more reading to do before it’s truly over for me, but I know that the day when I read the final volume will be a sad one!

      1. Oh no Bilbo! I may just p/u the manga myself for Bleach since my viewing time is so limited these days. I remember being hooked on it back the so I believe you that it will be sad to see it end.

        1. That’s not a bad idea! I definitely prefer the manga to the anime, it’s just much more exciting and the drawing style is better quality (since Kubo himself didn’t always draw the designs for the anime). I absolutely adored it a few years ago, and when I started reading it again recently, that same feeling came flooding back. 🙂

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