TBRTakedown 4.0: Day 3

I have hit a wall.

And that wall was work.

I have two jobs in the university at the moment and I ended up doing work for both of them over the last two days, which amounted to about 17 hours in total. And I’ve been to the gym both days. And chilled with my boyfriend and housemate…

You see where this is going.

I read a grand total of about 100 pages today. Which is barely a dent considering The Dream Thieves is 450 pages. Whoops. I can see my TBR getting away from me already, but the end will hold slightly more free time because I’m not working over the weekend and have a half day on Friday.

On a more positive note, I’m really enjoying The Dream Thieves. The writing style seems much improved in this book and the first 100 pages have so much more direction and clarity than the first 100 of The Raven Boys.

I’m a huge fan of an author whose writing style involves metaphorical comparisons that are so unexpected and manage to take me by surprise with their unusual nature. And by this, I mean they make comparisons between things that I just never thought would be paired with one another. Markus Zusak does this incredibly well, but so, it appears, does Maggie Stiefvater.

One example is: ‘They wandered to the door like that, a pretzel of dead boy and not-psychic girl’ (p. 206).

To me, comparing two people with their arms over each other’s shoulder to a pretzel is just brilliant. Because that’s exactly what it looks like if you visualise it. But most people would never think to describe it as that.

I also love a writing style that makes me want to write, and Stiefvater’s does exactly that. I read her books and it makes me want to simultaneously read more of her work, and get on with writing my own.

But for now, I’d better carry on reading.


Books read so far: 1 (and a quarter)

percy jackson titan

Pages read: 418

Hours of sleep lost: 3

Stars given: 3.5 of a possible 5

Onwards to day 4!

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